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Community Engagement


Our Speed Awareness Initiative is up and running. The Speed Indicator Device (SID) will be placed at various locations around the Parish on a 2 weekly basis.

*JULY 2021*

  • We have received the biodiversity report on the Parish Field that was undertaken late in 2020. Next steps are to work on the suggestions received. The report can be found below.
  • We are fortunate to have 2 volunteer project managers for the FTTP project. Currently Openreach has initiated its own FTTP project using the Mount Road Exchange; once we know which houses are connected to this, we can separate the other interested houses out and move forward a separate project.
  • The Speed indicator device has been purchased. Poles in the specified locations (see below) will be fitted in early September 
  • There is only a few days left to participate in our Neighbourhood Plan Consultation. If you are keen to see our rural Parish maintained, please do respond via the feedback form here.


*JUNE 2021*

  • We are making a Neighbourhood Plan. To find out more information, click here to see our dedicated page.


  • Sports Club Statement, June 2021
  • EWPC are aware there has been some concern raised by a resident within the Parish with respect to sporting facilities (East Woodhay Cricket Club, Woolton Hill Sports Club, referred to as the Tennis Club and Woolton Hill Argyle, referred to as Woolton Hill Football Club) and the emerging Parish Neighbourhood Plan for East Woodhay. 

    The recent Annual Parish Meeting was a useful moment to confirm the perspective of EWPC regarding sporting facilities within the Parish. We have read the concerns raised and will do our best to give reassurance as follows:

    A sub-committee of EWPC ( “Project Club Together 2020”) considered the possible provision of a new combined sports facility for East Woodhay in 2016-17, to be assisted in funding by the significant potential S106 funds available from the Harwood Paddock development. After consulting with all the sports clubs in the Parish, it transpired that there was no appetite for them to unite and to share a joint facility. As a result, the sub-committee made no recommendations and disbanded itself after only three meetings. 

    Subsequently, I was asked to manage the Harwood Paddock S106 funds. Working together with Basingstoke and Deane Spend Managers, and after reviewing the work of the sub-committee and following further detailed consultations with the sports clubs, the S106 funds specifically allocated to them (£41,895) were disbursed according to their present locations.This was key to the Spend Managers as there are allocation rules based on site ownership. 

    Following this S106 investment, a further Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) grant was invested into the Tennis Club, again based on the club’s desire to remain in its present location. Any further LIF spend on our sports clubs will be based on the present club locations.

    Having regard to the level of investment which has now been made into the sports clubs at their current sites and their stated desire to remain where they are, the emerging Neighbourhood Plan endorses the existing mix of sites for sports facilities in East Woodhay. This endorsement is important to the extent that a Neighbourhood Plan can be invoked, by the clubs when seeking to obtain potential funding in the future and when protecting the various club sites from housing development. It is recognised that Woolton Hill Football Club wish to remain in their present sites but are also facing capacity constraints from their continued success. Therefore, if opportunity came up to expand their facilities, additional to their present lease sites, either in or adjacent to the Parish they would look at the opportunity to do so.

    EWPC will not support plans to acquire new or existing sports sites, or to develop or expand community facilities within the Parish without the express consent of owners of the land in question and without the support of the users of that site. In such an eventuality then it would be appropriate to undertake consultation with all members of the Parish. I am not aware of any plans for such development.

    Cllr Paul Hurst

    Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Chair

    On behalf of the NP Steering Group and EWPC


*MAY 2021*

26/05/21 ‚ÄčEWPC is joining forces with Highclere PC. This could possibly bring the installation costs down. However, we need as many households as possible to commit to the the project to keeps costs as low as possible- the estimate we have received is for 216 houses.

Currently only 63 in EWPC have expressed interest.

A voucher scheme is available to cover £1500 per household or £3000 for a business.

If all 216 houses identified joined the scheme this would mean installation is FREE!

Next Steps: To arrange a zoom call with Openreach to initiate the project. We need some volunteers willing to represent areas of East Woodhay and Highclere, speak to neighbours and ensure communication reaches everyone (especially if they are not on Facebook/internet). Please contact Amy at if you would be willing to help drive the project forward.


  • We often receive questions about the Parish Field in Woolton Hill. Many of these stem from misinformation about its status and theories about plans for its use. Below is a statement from the Amenities Team on the Field.


  • We are looking to identify locations to place a speed indicator device (SID) in and around the Woolton Hill area to capture data on speeding in the Parish. More info is also available in Spectrum, our Minutes and we will also update this page. Identified locations are available to view in the document below.



*MARCH 2021*

EWPC has a working portal with Openreach to gather names and addresses of households interested in getting Fibre to Premises (FTTP). The project is likely to take over a year, but the quicker we can get the addresses to Openreach, the quicker we can get a cost estimate, and work with Hampshire and their voucher scheme. 

If you are interested in getting FTTP, please send an email to the Clerk with your address (incl postcode) and landline number.

Meadowbrook S106 Monies and Community Land Update

Over the last year local project managers from our sports clubs and village halls, have made great progress in agreeing, specifying and gaining approval for projects to be funded by S106 funds from the Meadowbrook (formally Harwood Paddock) housing development. 

These are the funds that Bloor Homes had to pay towards improving local infrastructure as part of the agreement to develop the Meadowbrook estate. The specific areas of expenditure were determined by the original S106 contract signed at commencement of the development in 2014. The funds are owned and managed by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council (BDBC) and a formal process of spend approval has had to be followed by our project managers. EWPC has helped the project managers navigate this approval process. 

The local project managers must be congratulated for the work they have put in to specify the detail of the projects to enable them to move to the approval stage.

From these funds, £92,828 requested for refurbishment projects for our village halls has been approved by BDBC. The following split of funding has been approved:

£65,000 to East Woodhay Village Hall, project manager Peter Stanley

£27,828 to Woolton Hill Church Hall, project manager John Angle

The refurbishment projects will now commence and we will update you on their progress.

The sports clubs have also made progress on their allocation of £40,895 from the fund and have fully specified projects that are now with BDBC for approval. This will be covered in more detail in the next copy of Spectrum.

On a more disappointing note is the lack of progress on the sign off of the Meadowbrook development. Although the estate has been completed for some time, Bloor Homes have still not completed remedial planting to bring them into compliance with the original landscape plans. Therefore, BDBC have not been able to sign off the development. The lack of sign off of the site continues to delay the handover of the area designated community land to the Parish. BDBC are exploring means of how to put pressure on Bloor Homes to achieve completion and site sign off. At present it is important to note, the site remains owned and maintained by Bloor Homes and its contractors. BDBC and EWPC are not allowed to make changes to the site.