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Fire Hazard

In this unusually dry summer there is an increased risk of fire breaking out in the countryside. Until normal damp conditions return we ask all parishioners to be particularly careful not to add to the risk and refrain from burning garden rubbish for the time being. Sparks from garden fires can travel a distance and ignite other gardens or fields.

Further, fires in open areas of land can easily spread and become out of control. Something as simple as not stubbing a cigarette out properly, or using a disposable barbecue on grass, can start a fire that can develop quickly.

There are seven simple steps that will help prevent an outdoor fire:

  1. Ensure cigarettes are completely out;
  2. Do not throw cigarettes out of car windows onto grass verges or vegetation;
  3. Put disposable barbecues on bricks, do not place directly on grass;
  4. Do not leave glass bottles lying on the ground, the sun’s rays reflect through the glass and can start a fire;
  5. When camping, do not leave campfires unattended and make sure it is completely out before you leave it;
  6. Use barbecues on a hard, flat surface, away from grass, shrubs or fencing and
  7. Talk to your children about the dangers of starting a fire.


APM 21st May 2018

East Woodhay Parish Council will be holding an Annual Parish Assembly on Monday 21st May 2018 at East Woodhay Village Hall from 7:30pm.

Please come along to meet your Parish and Local Councillors and find out what has been happening in and around the Parish over the past year. Click here for an APM Agenda

Refreshments will be provided.