Applications & EWPC Responses

3 The Court, Stargrove Lane, East End – Tree Work Application in a conservation area.

Laurel (t1) – twin stem, fell because of excessive shading of our garden and neighbour’s garden (The Forge) and low amenity value. Also leaning over neighbour’s (The Forge) shed and paddock to rear of property.
Rowan (T2) crown reduce by 2m all round leaving an approx finished height of 7m and crown spread (radius) of 5m to rebalance distorted growth.
Sycamore (T3) cut down due to low amenity value
Holly (T4) – Crown thinning to rebalance by 10%
Hawthorn (T5) – Lift canopy over front of shed to about 8ft
Birch (T6) – prune to give no more than 1m clearance from overhead services.