Harwood Place Development

Since the original application was made by Curtin & Co for outline residential planning permission on Harwood Place, EWPC has sought to establish and represent the best interests of the community at all stages of the application process. The plans for the resulting 49 properties were made available for parishioners to view in open forum in May 2014 with any resulting amendments for approval currently available on the Basingstoke & Deane website.

As with any new development, the project has been given a working title by its developers. To reflect the site’s origins, the working name for the project is “Harwood Place”. This does not however indicate the final street names and postal addresses, which will be determined in the future in consultation with the relevant planning authorities.

Harwood Place comprises the following components:

42 Open Market dwellings

2 two bedroom houses

3 three bedroom houses

21 four bedroom houses

16 five bedroom houses

7 Affordable Homes

3 no. two bedroom houses

4 no. three bedroom houses

Copies of the plans and related documents can be accessed here.


The development has an estimated completion date of June 2016.

Current Phase

The development is at the very early structural stage having only commenced in September.

As a consequence, there are, unfortunately, bound to be times that the road outside the construction site is dirty, given the state of the ground from which trucks are exiting, and the time of year in relation to weather conditions. The contractors are taking steps to try to keep the road as clean as possible, with a road cleaner permanently on site. However, there will undoubtedly be times between cleaning when it will require additional care and attention by users.


The developers are Bloor Homes, and the Southern Regional office contact details are as follows:

River View House, First Avenue, Newbury Business Park, London Road, Newbury RG14 2PS. Telephone: 01635 31555.

Agreed Lorry Routes

EWPC has been very concerned about the inevitable, but unavoidable, associated disruption during the site’s construction, especially to residents of Woolton Hill. Assurances have therefore been sought from the developers, that site construction traffic avoid the A343 junction, the already congested route past the schools and play area, and passage through the main body of the village. Bloor Homes has taken action to direct all site traffic from vans upwards to access and leave the site via the Wash Common / Station Road approach to Tile Barn Row. Site visitors by car may however use any route.

These instructions were explicitly included in orders with all suppliers and contractors, and any transgressors are turned away from site with instruction to exit by, and to only return via, the prescribed route.

When approaching from Ball Hill traffic should take the first turning right prior to the narrow bridge


The current advised route represents the least unfavourable of a variety of less than desirable options. In trying to avoid trucks passing the school or using Broadlayings the only remaining access route was via Enborne. The reluctant recommendation to route all trucks via Station Road was made with due reflection on the recent  issues relating to the narrow bridge on Ball Hill Road  and the safety of local residents and their children.

As soon as a suitable area is cleared, vehicle parking will be exclusively on the site itself to avoid offsite parking on the road. A certain amount of initial road parking will be necessary in the early stages until a suitable access drive way is established. EWPC  have been closely  monitoring adherence to the undertakings given by Bloor Homes during the early phase of site clearance and initial construction.

Community land

An area of the development has been designated for community use once the final project is completed. It is situated directly adjacent to the site entrance and not intended for any final construction, however in the early construction stage of the build it will probably be used both for parking and possibly other services.

The area will then be re-landscaped and released to whatever the community wishes it to be once the site is completed and effectively opened for use. The possible uses to which such land may be put are under consideration in the evolving Neighbourhood Plan, for which the steering committee will shortly be announcing a structured survey. This will address possible community needs and the suitability of this area for community use can then be assessed.

For updated information on current construction activities please see the Parish News bulletins.