The Planning Committee of East Woodhay Parish Council are non-professional volunteers, who meet regularly and seek to take a broad Parish perspective of any application received from appropriate planning departments.

Pre-application meetings can be requested with the Planning Committee by parishioners to provide some basic planning support and information, but we would remind residents that our team are not qualified planners and do not make the final application decision. For formal advice please contact Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Planning Control to speak to the Duty Planning Officer.

Please see the Applications and EWPC Responses page for a list of the most recent planning applications and  responses which the Planning Committee of East Woodhay Parish Council have deemed necessary to submit to the relevant planning authorities. Parishioners may view and add their own comments to any individual planning application by visiting the on line planning search portal of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council or West Berks Council as appropriate.

Anyone wishing to draw particular matters to the attention of the Planning Committee is requested to contact the Clerk in the first instance.