On this page you will find information regarding dates and agendas for forthcoming meetings. Meeting minutes can be found under the ‘Minutes’ sub-heading.

Our Meetings

Full Parish Council meetings are held on the last Monday of the month (unless stipulated otherwise below) at 7.30pm in East Woodhay Village Hall.


January: 28th

February: 25th

March: 25th

April: 29th (Annual General Meeting)

May: 20th (Annual Parish Meeting)

June: 24th 

July: 22nd

August: No meeting

September: 30th

October: 28th

November: 25th

December: No meeting


Planning Committee Meetings

Our Planning team hold additional regular meetings. Any interested party wishing to make representation at a Planning Committee meeting is asked to inform the Clerk in advance. Details of EWPC responses to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council may be found on our Planning Applications page.

Please note that EWVH refers to East Woodhay Village Hall, and WHCH refers to Woolton Hill Church Hall.


January: 14th 7pm (WHCH), 28th 6.30pm (EWVH)

February: 11th 7pm (WHCH), 25th 6.30pm (EWVH)

March: 11th 7pm (WHCH), 25th 6.30pm (EWVH)

April: 15th 7pm (WHCH), 29th 6.30pm (EWVH)

May20th 6.30pm (EWVH)

June: 10th 7pm (WHCH), 24th 6.30pm (EWVH)

July: 22nd 6.30pm (EWVH)

August: 19th 7pm (WHCH)

September: 9th 7pm (WHCH), 30th 6.30pm (EWVH)

October: 14th 7pm (WHCH), 28th 6.30pm (EWVH)

November: 11th 7pm (WHCH), 25th 6.30pm (EWVH)

December: 16th 7pm (WHCH)