Harwood Place Updates

April update

Liaison with Bloor Homes has recently addressed the following issues:-

Nesting Birds

Following enquiries from interested parties, Bloor Homes reports that suitable bird boxes have been installed in accordance with the ecological report requirements.

Tree Protection

Concern was raised that ground clearance was in progress around the tree protection zone adjacent to the intended community land. Bloor Homes reports that this is scrub clearance for general aesthetic improvements near the show home and that no action to the trees will be undertaken. The situation will be monitored.

Working Hours

Following a number of further parishioner complaints regarding adherence to the working time restrictions in the Outline Approval Notice, especially with regard to the construction of the Show House, an undertaking from Bloor Homes site management was sought that any further such activity would take place only during the approved hours.

No such undertaking having been forthcoming, and in the absence of evidence of intended compliance by Bloor Homes with the terms of the Approval, an official complaint has been escalated on behalf of East Woodhay Parish Council to B&DBC Planning Enforcement.

Parishioners may wish to inform themselves of the criteria adopted in such Planning Enforcement cases by viewing the relevant B&DBC site here.

March update

During routine liaison between EWPC and Bloor Homes Site Management the following points were highlighted:

Dust impact: Road spraying is routinely undertaken as a dust suppression measure. Whilst it is appreciated that, as the weather improves, necessary engineering and landscaping activities will generate dust, the site manager has agreed to examine all options to keep the dust level reduced to the minimum possible. Regular road cleaning in the site vicinity will continue.

Working Start times: There have been numerous comments from local residents, concerning the approved start time of activity on site. This has been previously reported and action taken by site management to minimise disruption where possible. The working times for the site are listed in Para 19 of the original Application Decision Notice – 13/00898/OUT issued in 2013. These are 7:30 – 18:00 weekdays and 08:00 – 13:00 on Saturdays.

To avoid early congestive queuing by delivery trucks on narrow access roads, the site gates are generally opened early to permit site access. Bloor Homes has been asked to take appropriate steps to prevent any activity on site likely to create undue noise prior to the authorised start time. If such activity prior to approved start times occurs, it will be reported to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

Section 278 Works: The services connection work planned for Tile Barn Row and then Broad Layings by end of March may be delayed until beginning of April. Suitable notice will be given of planned activity.

February update

Bloor Homes have informed EWPC of the following status of construction at  Harwood Paddock.

  • On-site road construction should  be completed by the end of February . Once the site roads are complete, coordination of  incoming utilities connection will commence.
  • Work will commence on the forming of site entrance works to include a culvert to ditch line, kerb laying and the formation of the footpath outside Paddock End. These works will be carried out under an approved traffic management plan and will involve the use of traffic lights. This will result in  some minor disruption to traffic flow along Tile Barn Row. Completion is anticipated by the end of March.
  • Following the above works, off site drainage works will be carried out in Broad Layings around the junction of Hardwood Rise, with the use of traffic management lights. Some disruption to traffic can be expected during this work.
  • With the arrival of Spring imminent, in the coming weeks bird and bat boxes will be fitted in the tree line along Tile Barn Row as part of the response to the ecological report.

Efforts continue to be  made to mitigate against the impact of contractor heavy goods  traffic along our local network of narrow roads. These include specific access route directions on each  order and a variety of directional signs around the Parish.  However EWPC does receive  occasional reports of vehicle incidents or inappropriate route options taken by delivery drivers. Unfortunately the route taken by each delivery driver  cannot be monitored, but any incidents reported to EWPC are referred to Bloor Homes to be taken up with the relevant supplier. For action to be taken, it is important that  any identifying vehicle information be provided ( registration, contractor name, location, time etc.).